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About Covalis

Founded in 2012, the core Covalis Capital team brings two decades of successful capital management expertise. Specializing in hedge funds, long-only equities, and private investments, we have honed our strategies to navigate the dynamic financial landscape.

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Investment Philosophy

At Covalis Capital, our commitment to a consistent investment philosophy, strategic focus on the energy transition, and collaborative research approach sets us apart.



Experienced core team

While officially established in 2012, our core team brings two decades of experience in effectively managing capital, providing a wealth of expertise and continuity.


Strategic Energy Transition Focus

Covalis Capital positions itself at the forefront of change by focusing on sectors pivotal to the energy transition. This strategic move allows us to harness opportunities arising from the substantial transformations and complexities within these sectors.


Consistent Investment Philosophy

Over the years, our coverage universe has expanded, but our investment philosophy remains steadfast. We operate with large, dedicated sector specialist teams, conducting rigorous fundamental research. Leveraging proprietary sector networks and data, we ensure a deep understanding of our focus sectors.


Collaborative Research Approach

At Covalis, we operate as one cohesive team. Our sector specialists collaborate closely, sharing research insights across teams. This collaborative approach enhances our ability to extract valuable synergies from our extensive research efforts.


Regulatory Expertise

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of regulatory and legislative processes impacting our sectors. This expertise allows us to navigate complexities and make informed investment decisions.